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These urns are located on Country Club Drive which was called Munster Drive in 1915 and was intended to be the gateway into Moraga.
To attract potential land buyers into the valley, five decorative urns were constructed as well as a hotel next to the Moraga Barn, by Robert Noble Burgess, Director of the Moraga Company.
A train ran alongside here from Oakland to Saint Mary's College and on to Antioch.
The Market Crash of 1929 and WWII interrupted interest and impetus. While four urns remained, a fifth one was moved in front of the Library where it has been maintained for a very long time by the Moraga Garden Club.
In 2020, these four urns and median received a serious overhaul—including solar lighting beneath their rims—by the Moraga Garden Club with the help of the Town.
This restored hint of history has been well received and continues to be cared for by the Moraga Garden Club.

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